7 Alwaha st, Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt.

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  • Seek, identify and further develop an appropriate level of professionalism as a C++ AI developer, preparing myself to work in AI research and development.
    • Very passionate about developing frameworks, game engines and reusable software.
    • Interested in Artificial Intelligence, wishing to apply the academic part of AI in game industry.
  • Faculty of Computer and Information Science (FCIS), Ain Shams University
    • Student, 4th
      Year (2010 – 2011), Expected graduation July 2011.
    • General Certificate of Secondary Education, El Manara School, Cairo, Egypt with results 99.2%.
  • Technical-Skills
    • Languages: C/C++, C#, Assembly, Prolog, Unreal Script, HLSL, VHDL.
    • Concepts: 2D/3D Game Programming, Windows Programming, Network Programming, Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented Analysis and Design, UML Modeling, Design Patterns, Agile Methodologies, Multithreading and Data Structures.
    • Technologies: Unreal Development Kit, XNA Game Studio 3.1, OpenGL, QT Framework, Win32 API, Revision Control (SVN), Project Management (Redmine, MS Project), ADO.NET, LINQ, XML.

  • Soft-Skills
    • Problem solving, Creative thinking, Self-learning, Team work, Presentation skills and Mentoring skills.
  • Language
    • Arabic, mother tongue.
    • English, good writing and reading.
  • Graduation Project: Intelligent Agent for Medium-Level Artificial Intelligence in Real Time Strategy Games (C++, Stratagus RTS Game Engine) – Current
    • AI playing agent that mimics a human player in reasoning and planning.
    • Methods used are Case-Based Planning and Reinforcement Learning under test-bed StarCraft.
    • Gamaton Game Engine (C#, XNA Game Studio)
      • 2D game engine on which any 2D XNA game can be built.
      • Enriched by an in-game Level Editor and external scripting language for defining game visuals.
    • Critical Shot (C#, Gamaton Game Engine) Adventure 2D game in which the player is an enthusiast photographer aims to aware the world of the Millennium Development Goals using latest technologies in communication.
    • Unreal Blocks (C++, QT Framework) Implementing the front-end of a “Tiny C” language compiler.
    • Object Serializer (C++, Unreal Blocks) An object serialization library, with the following features:
      • Serializing and Deserializing C++ objects to and from binary files.
      • Support
        working with templates, polymorphism, pointers and typedefs.
    • The Mahabharata (Unreal Development Kit, UnrealScript) A prototype for a hybrid action/FTPS game based on “The Mahabharata” Indian epic.
    • Unreal Brush (C++, QT Framework) Image processing application that implements image enhancement, restoration, morphology and segmentation in spatial domain.
    • Shalabi Race (C++, OpenGL) 3D game that implements the basic physics of cars and the basic 3D game environment.
    • FOS (C under Linux) A command-line 32-bit operating system that implements process execution and memory management using paging.
    • Prosembly (Visual Prolog) Mathematical expressions are converted through a structured process to an optimized assembly code ready to be compiled and executed.
    • Assembler (C# WinApplication) Translates assembly language to machine code of a 32-bit processor.
    • GraFICS (C# WinApplication) MDI graphical editor supporting compound shape structure.
  • Support Organization most active member, “Support Academy” event 2008-2009.
    • Ain Shams University ACM Warm-up contest 2009, 2nd place.
    • Ain Shams University ACM Mid-Year contest 2009, 2nd place.
    • Cairo University ACM Warm-up National Contest for ECPC 2008, 7th place “First participation”.
    • Ain Shams University ACM local contest 2008, 2nd place.
    • Chapter President, (2010 – 2011), Leading the chapter to spread knowledge, teach faculty and school students problem solving through programming, enhance the chapter current workflow and structure.
    • Training committee member, (2009 – 2010). Prepare programming contests, Mentor a team of freshmen students preparing them to compete in the ACM-ICPC World Finals, Gave 2 presentations out of 6.
    • Support Organization
      Academic committee member, (2008 – 2009).
      Prepare sessions presentation, Mentor a team of freshmen students, Gave 4 presentations out of 7.
    • Design Patterns Summer Course Instructor Setup course syllabus, Prepare session presentation, Prepare the test-bed for adding experimental code, Gave 3 presentations out of 4.
    • Participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2010 Game Design Competition, reached semi-finals.
    • Was the speaker of a “Thank you party” for faculty teaching assistants.
    • Was the speaker of a “Welcome party” for faculty freshmen students.
    • Attended Microsoft Imagine Cup Competition offline training 2008.
    • Attended Interpersonal and Communication skills courses at Zedny Organization.

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