Who am I?

I am very enthusiast learner very thirst for knowledge, self-motivated and challenge taker.

I am very passionate about game programming,I have participated in Microsoft Imagine Cup game design competition and reached the semi-finals. My team was competing with an adventure 2D game, The game was based on “Gamaton Game Engine” which we built from scratch, The engine required 4 months to develop while the game required only 4 days of development. I have also been involved in developing games under Unreal Engine using Unreal Development Kit.

I am very interested in Artificial Intelligence especially what relates to games. I wish one day to apply the academic part of the AI in game industry. My graduation project title is “Intelligent Real Time Strategy Agent for Medium-Level AI Planning”.

My long term goal is to found a game development company competing in the world market, teaching kids and youth through our games and raise their knowledge and enrich their culture. I hope that this company makes a revolution in the game industry one day. Imagine a kid telling his father: “Dad am going to play a game to study physics”.


C++/C#, UnrealScript, Unreal Development Kit, XNA Game Development, Object-Oriented Programming, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, Design Patterns.

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