SDET Daily’s: Gratz, and Welcome On-Board!

I am officially a MS employee, and I think that this is a great step in my software engineering career path. My start date was 3-DEC-2012. I work at Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive Team which I will talk about more in later SDET Daily’s posts. My office is at Advanta-C building, Washington, Bellevue. Which is where Windows Embedded monkeys work.

What is SDET Daily’s?

This is the first post in SDET Daily’s series of posts isA. In which I will talk about my technical and non-technical experience here. I will talk about the shock I got from changing cultures. I will talk about the challenges and problems I face here whether technical or non-technical, and when I say non-technical then I mean anything non-technical related to work (e.g position duties, work environment, team organization, atmosphere, etc..), or non-technical experience related to daily life (e.g culture shock, food, spiritual life, and life in general).

You can’t imagine the shock I had on my first day at US

. How everything is organized and in order. How people are friendly and cheerful. How people are well-behaved and respect law. How people are determined and serious. How life is practical. How these people are Muslims with no Islam.

Simply, I will try to draw an image for you about what is going on here in general, and what I do here specifically.

Why SDET Daily’s?

From the beginning, I`d like to tell you about – and in the same time remind myself – Why I am here in general? Clearly, I am here to do 3 things: 1.Learn well, 2. Gain contacts network, and 3. Earn my living. These 3 goals are part of my plan in which I should go back to Egypt and start my own business with friends.

What we care about here is the learning goal. I will try to document some of my experience as I said before,  and I hope that my future posts motivates people to work harder, and realize what is going on in a parallel universe called USA.

Next Post (isA)

I will talk about my first week at work. I wasn’t productive at all because I don’t understand anything yet, and I don’t know what the hell these monkeys are doing!


First of all and before anything, I should thank Allah for giving me this unique opportunity which is more of a gift I don’t deserve. I hope to use it well and achieve my goals fast and return back to my beloved home country Egypt and open my own start-up.

I`d like to thank my family and friends for always supporting me, giving me hope and motivating me. I miss all of you here, isA we will meet soon.

To be continued …

3 Responses to “SDET Daily’s: Gratz, and Welcome On-Board!”

  1. Hafez abdel mohsen Says:

    ربنا معاك يامحمد ويكرمك ويوفقك ان شاء الله 🙂

  2. Anas A. Ismail Says:

    ربنا معاك إن شاء الله، وتحقق هدفك وترجع تكمل أحلامك إن شاء الله

  3. Says:

    Congratulations!,best of luck to u and pls keep those blogs up!

    Sent from my HTC smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!

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